Dr. Seuss 111

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Dr. Seuss wrote a book;
Not a moose book, or goose book,
Nor even a Zeus juice book,
But a book about Sam (or Sam-I-Am),
About some green eggs, about some ham;
About Mr. Brown, who can Moo (can you?);
He wrote about Horton hearing a Who;
The Cat in the Hat, Thing One and Thing Too,
And his Zeds and his Zeep could fill a Who zoo,
Though who'd put a Zeep in a zoo? (Would you?);
About a fox in socks,
About boxing a Gox;
Red fish, blue fish,
And an Ish wish dish;
About Zans and Zax,
And a strange Lorax;
Mr. Grinch, his dog, Max, and the Christmas that came;
Without Dr. Seuss books would not be the same.
On Theodore Geisel's eleventy-first birthday
Generations of children would just like to say:
"Oh, thank you, oh, thank you! A wonderful day!"
                                                          —Anniina Jokinen


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